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Train to Shoot, Not to Flinch


Introduce Family & Friends
to the Shooting Sports

By using our ultra-light bullets, you can reduce the noise and recoil of your favorite deer rifle to that of a .22 rim fire. They will never learn to flinch in the first place!

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Learn to Enjoy Your Big Bore

Whether it’s a charging buffalo or fleeting glimpses of your trophy moose running through the brush, your shot must rely on muscle memory; there is no time to think. Now, work the action, quick. By using our ultra-light bullets, you can train those muscles to react instantly. . . without brutalizing yourself.

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Get the Picture – See the Trends
Our ultra-light bullets are so far out of the main stream that we’ve had to research everything from the properties of metals to bullet stability to charge weights. Our data are presented graphically so you can see the trends and data scatter that no one else will show you.

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