.45 Colt/.454 Casull Win 231

Understanding The Data

  • The diamonds are actual data from our chronographs.
  • The line is called a “trend line”. It is an educated guess about what the diamonds are trying to say. Kind of like your understanding of what your wife just told you.
  • The fuzzy area represents the real world. Ninety-five percent of the time what your wife really told you will be somewhere within the fuzzy area. But you have to be careful because five percent of the time what she really meant will be totally beyond your wildest guess. Capiche?

So how might the graph be used?

  1. Remember, the reason for using these particular bullets is to minimize recoil and noise without getting a bullet stuck in the barrel. This means that you would be starting with too much powder and working your way down.
  2. Select a desired velocity on the vertical axis.
  3. Follow the grid line to the right. Pass through fuzzy area until you get to it’s right-hand edge.
  4. Drop down to the X-axis and read the charge weight. That is a reasonable place to start.
  5. Incrementally reduce your loads from there.

The red dots that are shown on some graphs, represent loads that resulted in bullets being stuck in out test barrel(s). STAY AWAY FROM THE RED DOTS! Our gunsmith charges $25 per stuck bullet . . . and that’s with our volume discount.