Loading Data

Loading Data

Every bullet maker makes their bullets for a specific purpose: hunting, plinking, accuracy, environmental protection, etc. Our bullets are made specifically for “muscle memory training”.  Using them, a very large rifle (e.g. a .458 Winchester Magnum), can be loaded to essentially mimic a .22 Long Rifle with its minimal noise and recoil.

Thus, novices of all ages can be introduced to the shooting sports without ever learning to flinch; and, big bore owners can train or retrain for that ultra fast second shot, without the fear of brutalization.

Our data are presented in a graphical format. Each dot represents a shot fired in one of our rifle(s), using random-manufactured brass, our lot(s) of powder(s), our lot(s) of primers, and our chronographs. We have made no effort to control for temperature or powder position.

In short, we’ve intentionally done everything we can to make the information a likely representation of the real-world. By way of contrast, the highly standardized approach used by virtually all ballistics laboratories yields more uniform, but less representative, results. The odds of you being able to duplicate our data exactly are somewhere well south of nil.

The big advantage our graphical approach is that you can see the trends and the scatter. The trend lines are simply a least squares fit of the data to a logarithmic function. As can be seen, some powder/bullet combinations are much “better behaved” than others.

The big concern for essentially all other loading data sources is high pressure with it’s attendant risk of equipment destruction and/or personal injury.  Our problem is low pressure with it’s attendant risk of stuck bullets. In developing the data, we tended to push the envelope, and as a result, we had a lot of stuck bullets. The stuck bullets are reported as red dots on the trend line . . . which is a little misleading since the velocity of a stuck bullet is obviously zero. Bottom line, STAY AWAY FROM THE RED DOTS and be aware that tight barrels will stick more bullets than loose barrels!