.45 Colt/.454 Casull Kit for Reloaders


.338 Win Mag Training Kit for Reloaders
Introduce your family & friends to both the shooting sports and reloading.

This kit contains:

When fired, the cartridges will have the noise level and recoil of a .22 rim fire; see the Relative Recoil section for details.

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The purpose of the 4-Sigma Training Kits is to greatly reduce noise and recoil so that flinching is essentially nonexistent. You can therefore concentrate on developing the proper sight picture and trigger control. Firmly imprinting these concepts on your mussel memory is a prime objective of these kits, before gradually increasing bullet weight and powder charge toward full loads.

The .45 Colt cartridges can of course be used in a .454 Casull.

A word about self-defense: few people are interested in killing another human, intruder or not; and, few intruders are interested in getting shot. Yet many of the bullets available for self-defense are specifically designed to enhance killing power. 4-Sigma Bullets will certainly put a heck of a hurt on the bad guy, but are much less likely to kill. See Relative Recoil.

The purpose of this particular Training Kit is to both reduce costs (you load your own), and allow you to teach reloading.

Usage Instructions:

  • Check the package contents.
  • Load the bullets into your new or resized .300 Win Mag cases.
  • Tie one end of the rope to the ball & make a loop in the other end. Feed the nail through the washer and then through the loop.
  • Drive the nail into the ground.
  • Place the ball ~5 feet from the nail and start shooting.
    Be sure that you have a safe bullet backstop!


Additional information

Weight 1.6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × .3 in