Ultra Lite bullets are machined on state-of-the-art CNC equipment from a special aluminum alloy selected because of its workability and inherently lower coefficient of friction. The bullets are then heat treated, and as a final step, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is burnished into the aluminum. MoS2 is more slippery than graphite but it does not burn off when fired. You’ll notice the “slippery” as soon as you pick one up. The end result is reduced pressure.

It’s almost deer season and the younger members of the family want to shoot dad’s or granddad’s deer rifle. If that happens, dad or granddad will be responsible for teaching the young ones to flinch, a habit that is difficult to break. The noise and recoil are just too much.

To paraphrase the inimitable Dr. Seuss:

When you’re in a flinch,
You’re not in for much fun.
Unflinching yourself
Is not easily done.

A .22RF would work better, but what the kids really want to shoot is dad’s “big gun.” 4-Sigma has a .308″ 38gr bullet that can be loaded to exit the muzzle of an ’06 at 1800 fps… duplicating the noise level and recoil of a .22RF. Win – win!

Think back to when you were learning to ride a bicycle. You took a tumble or two until your muscle memory got trained. If you get on a bicycle now and try to fall down, you can’t do it. Your muscle memory is too strong.

If you use the same principle while teaching about sight picture and trigger control (and if you don’t get in a hurry) you will get the same result. You can then gradually increase bullet weight and powder charge, and your favorite novice will never even notice.